We want you to love your portraits .
Here are some helpful tips we have picked up over the years.

Wear More Makeup

Men and women benefit from makeup in portraits to even out complexion, help with shininess and cover problem spots.

It's true, the camera takes off 50% of your make-up, so be sure to wear matte foundation, blush or bronzer and lipstick or lip balm. Wear a little more than you usually would and bring some with you just in case you need a touch-up.

Need makeup help?  Try going to Sephora, Merle Norman or the Mac counter at the Bay. Be sure to tell them it's for a "business photoshoot".

Makeup with Brushes
Clothing Store

Choose your Style​ - Clothing Suggestions

Not sure what to wear? Bring a few outfits to try out.


Coming in for a headshot? Wear appropriate & matching pants or skirts, as there are shots that will include the waist.

Professional Impactful Colours

  • Blue, Black, Grey, Red, White, Pink


Warm & Trustworthy Colours

  • Cream, Beige, Browns, Yellow, White, Light Blues & Pinks


 More Clothing Suggestions 

Seasonal Picks


A suit coat, sports jacket or sweater over shirt & pants looks good with or without a tie. Long sleeves look more professional, while short sleeves convey a more relaxed feel.


Having a full-length shot? Don't forget nice shoes! They are going to show.

A plain shirt is a little formal so for a more casual look, wear a coloured or patterned shirt.  Better yet, bring both.


This is where your expertise comes into play: ask yourself "Who are my clients?". Dark denim can be a modern alternative to dress pants; paired with a sport coat, it creates a contemporary silhouette. 

Feminine ​

Layering creates a dynamic look. Layer jackets & sweaters over blouse tops, dresses, & even t-shirts for a professional or business-meets-casual look.

V-Neck and Boat Neck shirts elongate the torso but check the depth of the V to be sure that it is both flattering & appropriate.

Dresses & skirts are great for full-length shots, but not optimal for headshots where you are sitting. They can bunch up and create wrinkles. Speaking of, don't forget to wear great shoes for full-length shots!

Long sleeves are flattering on everyone! They are professional in appearance and are great at preventing your upper arm from detracting the focus on your face.

2 pairs of womens shoes

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