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Clothing Suggestions​


BRING EXTRA OUTFITS  If you're unsure of your outfit choices, bring a few choices and their accessories, we are happy to give you our professional opinion.


Even if you're only coming in for a headshot, wear appropriate and matching pants or skirts, as there are shots which will include the waist.



A suit coat, sports jacket or sweater over shirt & pants looks good with or without a tie. Long sleeves look more professional, while short sleeves convey a more relaxed feel.

A plain shirt is a little formal so for a more casual look, wear a colored or patterned shirt.  Better yet, bring both.


This is where your expertise comes in to play: ask yourself "Who are my clients?". Dark denim can be a modern alternative to dress pants; paired with a sport coat, it creates a contemporary silhouette. 



Layering creates a dynamic look. Layer jackets & sweaters over blouses and tops with dresses & pants or skirts. Long sleeves are best so your upper arm doesn't compete with your face for attention.

If you're not sure, bring 2 or 3 outfits we'll look at them together.

Colour choice



  • Blue, Black, Grey, Red, White, Pink



  • Cream, Beige, Browns, Yellow, White, Light Blues & Pinks


 If you aren't sure, bring several different outfits to your photo shoot and we'll look together to get the best image.

WEAR MORE makeup


THE CAMERA TAKES OFF 50 % OF YOUR MAKEUP - so be sure to wear more matte foundation, blush and lipstick.  Wear more make up than usual. Bring some with you just in case you need a touch up.


Need makeup help ?  Try going to Sephora, Merle Norman or the Mac counter at the Bay . Be sure to tell them it's for a "business photo shoot"

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