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Closed for


June  1 to 30

Studio Sessions

Professional Headshots
for a Successful Image

photo studio headshot

Social Media Headshot
$ 195
$50 for each digital image

Look your best

on Websites, Linkedin 

and all Social Media Sites

Retouched images are $50 each

up to 20 minutes in studio

Standard retouching

One clothing outfit

Online gallery to

view & select

Business Headshot

The Business Headshot
$ 245
$50 for each final image

Success starts with

A Professional Image

up 45 minutes in studio

Standard retouching

Two clothing outfits

Online gallery to

view & select

Invest in Yourself

The Business Portrait
$ 350
$50 for each final image

Success starts

with a Professional Image

Up to 60 minutes in studio

Retouched images are $50 each

Advanced retouching

60 to 100 shots taken

Up to 3 outfits

Online gallery

to view & select 

Invest in Yourself

Headshot Plus Pose_edited2_edited2.jpg
Business Team in Studio

Business Team Session
$ 450


$50 for each digital image

Maximum 5 in the team

Up to 3 Team poses

Up to 60 minutes in studio

Retouching included

Online gallery to view & select

Oigital  images are $50 each

Let your clients see

your team on your website !

Wardrobe & Accessories
your own private dressing room 

Not sure what to wear ?

Bring 2 or 3 clothing outfits

and we will choose together.

Clothing & Makeup Ideas

Corporate Headshot.jpg


CLOTHING - business headshots should feature you & not your clothes.

Wear clothing without big patterns & neutral tones are best. 

And if you're not sure - bring 3 outfits and we'll look together.

STYLE - Your headshot should reflect your industry style.  Some industries are Conservative & some are Casual.  Not sure ?  Then Google an industry leader to see what he/she is wearing.

HAIR - get your haircut a few days before the session.   Just to make sure you really like that look.   Yes, men and women.

MAKEUP - all our digital images are lightly retouched to smooth skin and lighten under eyes. So just wear your normal makeup.  Plus a matte foundation , either liquid or powder.  Just enough to prevent a shiny face.  

SKIN - ah yes , please hydrate - lots of water a few days before.  It will make you skin look so much better.   Smooth and not blotchy.

TIME - give yourself some extra time before the session to relax and after since the session may run a little longer.

I guarantee you will like the results.

Robert Marlow

A Few Google Reviews


He was the most professional photographer I met.

I felt relaxed and confident

when he took the shots,

 I could express myself very well.

Canada Vision Power Ltd. Rosalyn Hui


Photo session with Marlow

was great
He made it so comfortable

I didn't realize

I was posing for photo shoot.

Sonal Sardesai  - Realtor

Very professional photographer

who made three

camera shy guys

comfortable right from the start

of the photo shoot.

Pictures turned out really well and

the editing was excellent. Highly recommend!

Derek Turci - Realtor



Photography By Marlow

has a 4.8 star rating on Google